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Jai Midgette Styling brings a passion for helping individuals find their personal style. Jai’s clients have experienced first hand the opportunities  dressing well can provide. In addition to the passion Jai also brings  an accomplished and experienced professional skill set to all of my clients. Originally  from Tulsa, Oklahoma, specifically North Tulsa Jai moved to Dallas with a dream of carving his own path by doing what he loves through following his passion while staying in alignment with his purpose. 


 Jai has the opportunity to collaborate with renowned brands such as Fossil Brand, Neiman Marcus, Mizzen and Main, Galleria Mall, Meow Wolf, Choctaw Nation, Mad Tasty, Tostitos, JCPenney, Lay’s, JBW Watches, J.Hilburn, USDA Beef, Target, and Magnolia. These collaborations have allowed me to merge my creative vision with the brand's aesthetics, resulting in powerful visual narratives.



-  Published in Vogue Italia: I am honored to have my work showcased in one of the most prestigious fashion and lifestyle magazines worldwide. 

- Published in Flannel Magazine: My Styling has also graced the pages of Flannel Magazine, a renowned publication that celebrates contemporary culture, art, and fashion.

-  Published in Inc Magazine: My contributions to Inc Magazine, a leading publication for aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals, highlight my ability to capture the essence of success  while also staying true to the subjects personal essence. This particular project was for the cover featuring Mark Cuban.

-  Published in Port Magazine: Port Magazine, known for its emphasis on compelling portraiture, has featured my work, affirming my expertise in Mens style and fashion.

- Published in Spark Magazine: Spark Magazine, a cutting-edge publication that showcases the intersection of technology, art, and culture. This was a fun project mixing multiple types of medias to tell a visual story.

Throughout my journey, I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of esteemed clients, including:

- CEO's: Jai has had the opportunity to collaborate with top executives to showcase their leadership and vision through non verbal communication. Using style as the silent messenger.

- Pastors: Working with men of the cloth can provide its own set of unique challenges. Often the clients goal is to subtly establish a personal brand visually without appearing to be vein. As a leader of a community we aim to remain relatable and accessible while also showing pride in one appearance. 

- Attorneys: Jai’s style consulting has helped his clients convey their expertise and professionalism, contributing to their success in the competitive legal world.

- Professional Athletes: Clients that fall into this category have proven to have the most immediate need for personal branding. They benefit the most from the “in the meantime” wardrobe. Meaning when they’re not playing or in a business meeting How do they present themselves. 

- Creatives: Working with creative individuals has allowed me to explore combining  various style archetypes to appropriately represent the individual.

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